What We’re Eating

Hiya friends!

I’m sitting here, my third week being unemployed, watching Jamie Oliver and getting so inspired! This strange time has really made me, and W and I as a couple, be more industrious. A little more creative. A little more flexible. And friends, I have never been happier!

I have hacked so many of our household products to last longer. I have used ingredients in things that I never thought to put together. We have really had to think outside the box since our lives have changed, not only because of the recent world events, but because of my employment status as well. And y’all, I’m going to say it…I’m proud of myself. I am proud of us as a couple. We have been challenged and we have come out on the other side. And no, we aren’t through it yet, but man I am so proud of the things that we have accomplished and I am not ashamed to say it.

Let’s talk about our meals for the coming week!

What We’re Eating!

August 8th – August 14th

Saturday: Vegetable and barley stew (we are providing this meal as a request for a friend that is under the weather, so instead of making two meals, we are eating what we are making for her!)

Sunday: Meatball sliders on Hawaiian rolls with salad

Monday: Blackened salmon with sauteed zucchini and homemade soda bread

Tuesday: Pesto pasta with chicken breasts

Wednesday: Spicy peanut butter noddles

Thursday: Steak quinoa bowls with pico de gallo, cotija, roasted corn and fajita veggies!

Friday: Breakfast for dinner (most likely waffles with bacon!)

Dessert for the week: Pound cake with homemade berry sauce and light whipped cream

Now, don’t get me wrong friends, this unemployment thing hasn’t been all roses and rainbows. It’s hard. Really, it is! Sounds like a dream right? To quit your job and pursue things you’ve always wanted to do? But, in reality, it feels a lot like swimming in the ocean. It feels so good at first, the salty water, warm sun on your skin…But the farther you swim off shore, the rougher it gets, the waves start crashing up over you, the water is deeper and you can’t seem to spot the shore anymore. Y’all, this is the most exhilarating and terrifying thing I have ever done. I have had to do more things outside of my comfort zone in the last three weeks than in my entire life.

I hope you enjoy this weeks inspiration! I already can’t wait to share next weeks with you!



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