About Stephanie

Hey y’all!

I know we kind of met in my first post (Hey Y’all!), but I thought I would tell you a little more about myself so we can get to know one another better and ultimately be friends!

More than anything, I am a book worm. I LOVE to read! It is my favorite past time and the perfect activity for any situation. Stuck at the airport? Sink into a book. Waiting at the doctors office? Break out that book. Boring family reunion that you couldn’t get out of? Sneak away and cuddle up with a book. It really is perfect for any situation 😉 You will rarely find me without a book. Whether hard copy or my Kindle…I am never stuck without a book and quite frankly, would feel off if I didn’t have one.

My second love is coffee. Coffee makes my world go round. It’s just like a book, perfect in any situation. Waiting in line at the DMV? Coffee to the rescue. Late night study session? Have that ninth cup of coffee! Still at that same boring family reunion? Grab a cup of joe and drift up into the clouds where no one can bother you. See what I mean? And lest you put the two together, coffee and a good book, well, all is right in the world. I can drink coffee hot, cold, sweetened, unsweetened, here, there, I can drink it any…..well, you get the point. It brings me eternal happiness. Forever and ever.

And lastly, my forever love, my husband, W. He is my favorite human on this planet. We have been together since we were Sophomores in high school and have been inseparable ever since. He is the calm to my storm. He is the only reason I have gotten through what I have with a semblance of grace. He is my protector. He has taught me more about life and love than I ever expected to learn. I don’t necessarily believe in a “better half” because I believe that we are whole on our own. But, he is my compliment. I see part of me in him and part of him in me. Where one isn’t strong, the other is. We share a love of travel, food and adventure. If we could quit our jobs right now we would travel the world together without an itinerary. This is for you W. I always wanted to strive for greatness, but you make me want it even more. You believe in my dreams. You support them and encourage them. For this I could never thank you enough.

Outside of these things, I am fairly simple and easy to please. I love my family and want what’s best for them. Ampersands are my favorite shape and teal is my favorite color. I am in love with learning. I consider myself a forever student. History fascinates me. I would love to travel back in time to see the world as it grew through the ages. My father instilled in me a love of space. The planets and the stars, how it never ends…it completely wows me. He also sketched when we would travel and I have yearned to be as good of an artist as he was. Something else to learn I guess 🙂 I love to cook. I make jams and jellies regularly, homemade ricotta cheese, pickled anything, and lots of Southern food. My family is Southern in roots so some traditions and foods have stuck with me.

W and I regularly go to the gym and I love getting in a jog outside. I just can’t jog on the treadmill with any success. Anyone with me?! I need to feel the ground below and wind on my face. It’s invigorating and clears my mind like nothing else. We spend a lot of time doing spiritual things together. And try hard to get outside as much as we can, either hiking or throwing a frisbee around the local park. We love to fish and spend a few days on the lake together. No cell phones or TV. Just us and the water.

I want to thank you in advance for being here. This is such a little space on the internet, but it’s ours. Please treat it with respect. We are here to learn from one another and support one another. So, go grab yourself a cup of coffee and stay awhile…