Lashes for Days!

Hello friends!

I couldn’t not share this with you. I mean, from one friend to another, this is life changing!

I recently tried Young Living’s Lengthening Mascara and let me tell you…I don’t think I’m going back. It is insane! If you follow us on Instagram you might have seen some pictures I put on our stories showing y’all what it did to my lashes.

Confession time…I have the lightest, thinnest lashes. They are so soft and without some help from mascara, they almost look nonexistent. I need help y’all! Especially in the length department. Confessing even more…I used to get lash extensions and LOVED them! Well, mostly. It was a pain to have to go get them done every week and a half to two weeks and they couldn’t get too wet and you couldn’t sleep on them and they did fall out which could cause a little bald spot until your next fill…but despite all of that, I still loved them. I loved not ever having to do my mascara and always felt put together. But…I decided to give my lashes a break one summer and y’all…I was horrified! I got in the car after getting them taken off and cried. Why? Because my real lashes were stubby, broken off, short, and sparse. The lash extensions suffocated my natural growth. I was devastated. This was around the time I started to use essential oils more so looked for a natural lash growth serum. I’ll share that soon 🙂

Back to this amazing mascara! It was my goal ever since I got my extensions off, that I would find a natural mascara that would actually work. Most flake off easily, make your lashes stick together in clumps, never actually dries or smudges throughout the day making you look like a raccoon! And y’all, regular mascara is super toxic. Please Google it. The chemicals, dyes and fragrances companies use is crazy. I’m not totally all-natural yet when it comes to my beauty routine, but small steps like this is what’s important. Know better do better, right?!

This lengthening mascara uses 100% natural dyes, plant fibers to help with volume and texture, uses jojoba and coconut oil to help moisturize and condition your lashes, as well as Lavender EO which helps promote lash growth and is cruelty free. What else could you ask for?! And…I am sitting here at the end of my long day where I worked out twice, sweated a ton in the desert heat, laid down for a bit to shut my eyes and reset, and even cried a little during John Krasinski’s Some Good News…and this mascara has. not. budged! Promise! And they look so long and full…I couldn’t be happier!

I am totally in love with this mascara! Whether I’m wearing a full face of makeup or throwing some on a fresh face before a bike ride to feel a little put together…I grab this one. I’m not looking back friends, and I hope you will try it and do the same.

Let us know if you try this crazy good formula! Happy makeup-ing friends!