Sourdough Starter – A Lifelong Love Affair

Hi friends…

So, I know I have very different dreams than most people and they may seem so silly, but my Type 5 can’t help it. I have always been a dreamer and a learner. Ask my mother…you think your toddler asks a lot of questions…try growing up with me. I wanted to know everything about everything and then some. I taught myself French from a young age and continued it into high school, and even still practice and speak it today. I wanted to know how to change oil in a car, not to be self sufficient, but to say that I knew how and to better understand a car and how it runs and why. I take college classes for fun! I know…complete weirdo right?! I find myself wanting to learn more and more. It makes me feel empowered and confident. I strive to be good at many things. I am driven and am therefore very hard on myself. So…admitting the mistakes that I am going to in this post is vulnerable for me, but I am learning about vulnerability more and more each day. Realizing that vulnerability is what connects us.

It has been a long time dream of mine to make and nurture a sourdough starter. I’m talking YEARS! I know some of you are like, “Is this chick crazy…a sourdough starter is her dream?” Yep. It is. And here’s why.

I grew up watching my mom feed and massage a gallon size zip lock bag full of what looked like wall paper paste. After so many days she would share some with friends or bake something delicious and keep a portion alive with more feeding and massaging. I found it fascinating. The fact that you could create a living thing out of flour and water and keep it alive for years. Yes, years. Hundreds to be exact. As long as the starter is fed and tended to, it’ll stay alive forever. My Type 5 is giddy inside at that very thought! So, after years of excuses and putting it off thinking that I might not do it perfectly (enter self-doubt), I decided to start a starter.

And friends…I’m on my third try because…guess what…I’m not perfect after all and messed up the first two batches. Well, I won’t take total credit for the first batch 🙂

I used gluten free flour for my first attempt and let’s just say that it was weird. It didn’t smell right and it grew funny. I don’t know, it was just strange. Super dry and just not right. So, I threw it away.

I finally got my hands on some all-purpose flour and tried again. And holy cow did it work! And fast! It started bubbling within the first twelve hours, smelled amazing and started growing slowly. So, it finally got to the point that it needed to be fed for the first time and…I killed it.

Literally killed it. Ugh. Y’all…I fed it too much water. Completely accidental, but still…I killed it. It separated and stopped growing. Who knew that starter could be so fickle. Okay, I knew, but still…I had to throw it out and felt like a bad mother 🙂 I couldn’t even keep a sourdough starter alive!!

I took a day to regroup and started over. I think the third time is going to be the winner! This little guy tripled in size within the first 8 hours! I went to feed it the first time and it popped the top of my mason jar right off…he was excited to eat! And yes, he is a he 🙂 W went to smell it and it literally burped at him. This starter is spongy, stretchy, smells funky (in the best possible way) and, confirmed by my mother, super happy! Her words y’all! She said my starter must be happy! #maybeimagoodmotherafterall

I can’t wait to use this starter. Sourdough bread…tortillas…pancakes…waffles…crackers…muffins, you name it and this insane smelling starter can do it. Plus, sourdough is so healthy!! Yes, it’s still bread, or pancakes, etc. but, sourdough has natural probiotics and is easier for our bodies to digest. And it doesn’t spike your blood sugar like regular breads can. And you know me, if it’s healthier and still tasty, I want some!!

Here’s the recipe I used and have liked so far.

I’ll keep you updated friends…but there might be a baking career in my future if this goes well 🙂 If you start your own sourdough starter, please share it with us!!! Tag us on Instagram or send us an email.

Until next time friends!