Young Living – Why?

There seems to be some controversy over which essential oil company is better, which one has purer oils, which one is organic, which one has the best value…it would make anyone’s head spin!

Full disclosure, I have tried many brands of oils. The kind you get at Sprouts, some I found online, others were small off brand companies that mix theirs with who knows what, but ultimately, I decided on Young Living. Big surprise right?! I’m sure you know someone who uses Young Living and I bet we all sound like broken records. But, there must be a reason for why that record keeps spinning, don’t you think?! Hear me out…

Young living is special for many reasons, but let’s start with the basics. Essentials oils are (in the simplest terms) highly concentrated plant juice obtained by extracting, pressing or distilling. They are more powerful than the plant’s dried form and can be extracted from flowers, shrubs, trees, roots, and seeds. Essential oils have been used for centuries, as far back as the Egyptians in some cases. The Egyptians used essential oils in beauty products, mummification, medicinally and for some spiritual rituals. The Romans picked up some of these uses and they’ve trickled down to us. Ever had an amazing massage and the oil used smelled so good and you felt brand new afterward?! You can thank the Romans for that 🙂

Okay, back to Young Living and why it’s so special. YL has the Seed to Seal commitment. This means that they are concerned about, and take seriously, where they source from, the science behind essential oils and the standards that keep their oils pure. If the source of a product doesn’t meet YL expectations, they don’t move forward with it. Scientists test YL essential oils throughout the entire process to ensure the quality of the products, while extensive research is done to support product uses and claims. And let’s just say, YL has high standards!! They take interest in where products come from; were they ethically sourced, are they sustainable, are they pure? This is Seed to Seal. Making sure that from the earth to the bottle, every product has been created conscientiously and of the highest quality possible for consumers like you and me. This is why I am happy to use Young Living. I am confident that what I get in those little bottles is pure, responsibly sourced and meticulously looked after until it is delivered to my front door.

If you have any questions, please visit Young Living’s website at:

or their blog at:

These two sites have such a wealth of knowledge. I implore you to dive in and get lost in the world of essential oils!